FreeSWITCH gets a free GUI (and a paid PBX platform) August 5, 2009 at 8:07 pm


Update: The FreeSWITCH GUI project that temporarily became the FreePBX v3 project is now actively maintained as the 2600hz Project.

What happened to TCAPI and the FreeSWITH GUI project?

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of the developers release of FreePBX v3.0. I designed the code, along with the help and feedback of the folks at, from the ground up –¬†starting with my TCAPI project which has now merged with FreePBX. This work is the result of years of experience with telephony systems. Specifically, the last two years have included tireless development and effort coding late into the night and through the weekend to produce a flexible, modular PBX system that was open-source.

Finally, that PBX software gets to see the day of light. Thanks to backing from and the FreePBX project, you can now see the documentation and code I’ve been working on at .

I also strongly recommend you checkout – a hosted service that is beginning to offer free sandbox development installations for learning and utilizing the new FreePBX v3.0. is run by one of the core supporters and developers of the FreePBX v3 open source community, Michael Phillips. The site also offers hosted virtualized instances of FreePBX that work great and cost almost nothing.

Speaking of core developers, we would be nowhere without the help of Karl Anderson. Karl is a more recent addition to the team but he’s committed so much code he might as well have been here since day 1. Karl is part of the team, and there’s no doubt in my mind that FreePBX v3.0 will make it into the service offering of Karl’s company thanks to his efforts. If you need hosted VoIP with a premise-based service contract, check out Kudos to Karl for his awesome work.

So what’s in FreePBX v3.0? Here’s just a short list:

  • A solid MVC framework design
  • CRUD for device management, number management, IVR management, voicemail, user management, etc.
  • Central number database, to avoid conflicting dialplans
  • Pluggable, modular architecture¬†– tailor the product to do what you want
  • Tie-ins to the FreeSWITCH architecture, including the ability to monitor sofia registrations and turn on/off message waiting lights via web-based voicemail
  • Internationalization support
  • jQuery/AJAX based grid and navigation systems
  • Completely skinnable CSS & layout system – put your brand or vendor logo on the pages, or redo it completely!
  • Automated installer
  • Module management system via the web
  • Advanced hook and event system in both the database driver and the rendering system
  • Ability to send SMS text messages from the UI
  • Ability to make phone calls from the UI
  • Play voicemails via the web
  • XML/Curl support as well as static config file generation
  • The start of an Asterisk driver

For those of you who were interested in TCAPI, I hope you will join me in the move to the FreePBX name and a newer codebase. The concepts of TCAPI (and ironically of the original AMP) are being revived and refined in the new FreePBX v3. Feel free to join us on in #freepbx-dev to tag along for the ride.

I’ll be demoing the new FreePBX v3.0 today at ClueCon (in just a few minutes actually). I’ll post the video as well, once it’s ready. In addition, it’s worth noting that the FreeSWITCH team just announced their first corporate sponsorship and paid product. So now you have the option of a fully supported PBX system made by the developers of the core FreeSWITCH project.

And let the games begin…!

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