FreeSwitch + the future June 13, 2008 at 2:31 am

So I’ve been an Asterisk fan for a long time, but mostly because of the functionality it spearhead providing. As a first-of-its-kind to a community of telephony enthusiasts in flexibility, features and simplicity, it really took the cake for being a wonderful open-source product.

However, I’ve felt for some time that the Asterisk endeavor has sort of stalled. While support for the product is mounting, people’s attempts to capitalize on it (,, etc.) may have actually stalled it’s growth in terms of features and flexibility.

Then I found FreeSwitch.

FreeSwitch’s goal was to take the things Asterisk couldn’t or wouldn’t do and expand on them. I truly believe this is the next Asterisk 2.0. From stability to a better core threading model, this is a great start to a new phenomenon.

One of my core concerns with FreeSwitch is that it is so flexible that I think some people get scared away from it because, out of the box, it actually doesn’t do very much. You’re left to program a bunch of dialplan and SIP provider information on your own. No GUI, little documentation, etc.

I can’t blame the developers for this – they clearly packed quite a punch in the feature list, and development is quite active – but I believe it’s stalling adoption.

So while I know PHP isn’t anyone’s favorite language these days, I decided to throw something new into the mix.

Welcome to the FreeSwitch GUI project. 🙂 Today I began building a UI for FreeSwitch that allows it to work like a full-featured PBX. Been done before, I know, but it’s really just a start. I’m hoping to get feature requests to expand it to work as more then just a PBX. Maybe an advanced Call Center, or maybe an advanced IVR system? Who knows – but I’m open to requests.

I’ll be starting with the basics – look & feel, basic programming, and generating dialplans automatically. After that, we’ll try to make it flexible when configuring SIP providers. Then we’ll start adding more heavy duty features.

If you’re a PHP coder and interested in joining in this endeavor, feel free to hit me up.

Screenshots coming soon…

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  1. Hi d-man,

    The TCAPI project looks very promising, and I like the modular approach you are taking.

    I would like to see a billing module in the GUI, like if some person likes to do the configuration by hand (editing XML configs, etc). Then I would like to see a billing module that could be used in TCAPI.

    A billing could be implemented by simply parsing the CDR info in FS and then multiplying by the duration call, etc. My friend already started one in Rails, you can see the code here:

    Keep up the great work, looking forward to use TCAPI in the future 😉



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