BART / Sprint Mobile Wallet ? December 22, 2007 at 4:30 pm

So it looks like Sprint and BART think using your phone as your wallet could be a pretty cool idea. So much so that they’re paying people to try out their new technology.

I’m game.

Check out

The trial benefits, if you qualify, include:
1. You will be paid for participation.

  • $75 – after you pick up your new phone
  • $75 – when completing the mid trial survey, post trial survey, and returning the phone
  • $15 – for tapping on 5 of the 10 service discovery posters (more information will be provided when you pick up your new phone)
  • Free Power Vision (data service) during the trial
  • $20 – prepaid Jack-In-the Box card in Mobile Wallet

2. You will have the convenience of your leather wallet in your Sprint mobile phone in a secure fashion. You won’t have to fumble for cash, a ticket or card when riding BART or paying at Jack in the Box. Simply hold your phone up to the reader and you’re done!
3. You will pass through the lines at a faster pace.
4. You will use cutting edge technology for everyday purchases.

Note the item stating that if you tap 5 of the 10 service discovery posters you will win money. Interesting concept, huh? How’s that for getting people to check out your marketing materials and report back on them?

I’m fascinated with this idea. Your phone as your wallet. I also wonder if it’s hackable. The phones are most likely programmable. Mystery awaits!

And what about my friends who lose their phone constantly? Now they lose their wallet, too? Scary…

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  1. creepy, excellent and interesting all at the same time. hackable?

    losing your wallet, phone, etc… it’s kind of all the same in the end…
    this would make your wallet-phone easily replacable, no? and that 50$ bucks in (which would now be in your phone) might not be gone forever, since it’s digi-money. oh the perks and perils of technology.

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